Thoughts on E3 2018 part 1

For this video I give my thoughts on E3 2018


Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Gameplay Footage (Switch Version)

Gameplay footage of me playing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze on the Nintendo Switch.

DK Tropical Freeze Review (Switch Version) & Thoughts on Solo & Thundercats

My review of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for the Nintendo Switch (also on the WIIU). Plus thoughts on Solo a Star Wars film & the new Thundercats. For gameplay footage click here –

My 2 Cent – Rage 2, Retro Studios, Nintendo E3 and Bloodstained

For this week my 2 cent Switch/Gaming video for the week of May 13 to 19 I give my thoughts on the announcement of Rage 2, Retro could be working on a Star Fox Racer game, A leak list of what could be shown at Nintendo E3 2018 (most likely fake though) and the announcement of Bloodstained Curse of the Moon.